Monday, 28 June 2010

No.335 Of Twitter and Training

Last night I spent a couple of hours clearing out my Twitter followers. I've gone from following 1,200 to just 100. This means now that I actually bother to read the tweets coming in again. Best of all no inane messages about parties, hangovers and get rich quick schemes.

It's training week this week. This is week 1 of 2 in the year in which the whole company works on core skills. Best of all, although some of the training is brought in much of it is provided by other trainers.

Today, we have training on memory techniques, reframing with Tony Robbins and customer service skills. Later in the week we're looking at company procedures, how to blog and problem solving.

It's really quite nice seeing colleagues sweat and stress a bit as they prepare to deliver their training. Guess I shouldn't appear to enjoy it too much.

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