Thursday, 10 June 2010

No.321 Of Asda v Tesco

I went to the new Asda in Antrim yesterday for the first time. It looks just like the Antrim Tesco. The only difference that I could see was that you see lots of people dressed in yellow and green and not blue.

I had been holding out going seeing little point in joining the rush of new customers. For when Asda was packed with curious new shoppers I had Tesco virtually to myself. Also, it's taken me a good year or so to learn where everything is in Tesco so there seemed little point in having to go through the process again in a shop broadly similar selling broadly the same stuff at broadly the same prices.

It wasn't busy and I was in and through in next to no time. As I approached the tills I was approached by a lady holding a cardboard hand on the end of a pole she was using to steer customers to till workers with little to do. A great idea I thought but how do you advertise for this sort of post I pondered? "Wanted someone to carry a pole all day long. Must have keen eye for idle workers and a good sense of direction?"

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