Tuesday, 1 June 2010

No.314 Of Problems with Builders

I have a problem with my builders and it's not one that the Federation of Builders are likely to be able to help me with. You see, I've come to the conclusion that my builders are Hot. This was not something immediately apparent to me (a man who bats firmly for the home side). However, it became increasingly obvious as more and more female neighbours called round to, allegedly, view the shell of my new extension. I wouldn't mind it so much but they get into chatter and three young, able, builders in their shorts get distracted from their main duty which is to do my building work in time for the summer.

I always thought problems like this with builders were more to do with telling them not to whistle as passing ladies and to tuck their bum in at the same time.

Guess I'll just have to let it be known on the development that that my builders also do "Full Monty" ladies nights and to contact the local British Legion for more details.

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