Thursday, 10 June 2010

No.320 Of Brucey Baby & Morning Truths

I did 30 lengths of the pool today. The earliest of the early birds is a guy who we'll call Bruce because that's his name. Bruce used to annoy me. He was far too chirpy an early bird for my liking at 7a.m. in the morning. He always had something to say to the other swimmers, the lifeguards and me when all I wanted at that time of the morning was for my head to get a bit of peace as they say around these parts of the world.

Today for some reason I had a bit of an awakening for his craic was good and he had us all laughing as we waited for the lifeguards to let us into the pool. This moment this morning has taught me that I should try not to be so grumpy even though it may be just 30 minutes from when I was nicely asleep and tucked up in bed.

Brucie baby I have to accept that every day so far in those old baggie trunks of yours you've been better dressed in the pool than I. For you have managed to wear a broad beaming smile each time and brought smiles to others too.

Brucie I salute you...

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