Monday, 7 June 2010

No.317 Of Slow People and Fast Geese

I spent my birthday weekend in Devon amid glorious countryside bathed in gorgeous sunshine. Lodging at the Two Bridges Inn, Devon Cream Teas at Bovey Castle, fishing trips off the coast of Beer -weekends don't come any better than this do they?

There's something about Devon that compels you to relax. May be it's the slow, slow pace. May be it's the people that never seem to rush anywhere. They even give you the impression that they're not too bothered to get to where they're headed anyway...I think the only time I got into second gear the whole weekend was when the geese went for my behind as soon as I jumped out the car. Vicious buggers....

My Mum's room at the Inn gave us the best laugh. It was dark oh so dark. The curtains were black. So was the bedspread. Over the bed was a dark framed sign which read "God is Love". The walls were decked in old portrait photos of people connected with the Inn. Had they even died in that room I wondered? May be they came off the walls every night and walked the old wooden corridors. Mum didn't sleep that well Saturday night. She said she felt she was in a funeral parlour and hey when you're well past your 45th birthday that can't be a nice feeling....

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