Saturday, 12 June 2010

No.322 Of Warren & World Football

I'm currently reading Warren Buffet's biography. It's an interesting read but too long. I've just reached the part which describes how he read Dale Carnegie's book "How to Win Friends & Influence People" to acquire the social skills his mother never taught him. Oddly, this book just so happens to be on my desk at the moment and perhaps more oddly too on Monday I have a meeting with Walter Bradley who owns the Dale Carnegie franchise for Ireland. Funny how these coincidences all come together innit? Sure enough on the front of the book there's a quote from Warren Buffet "Carnegie Changed My Life". Let's hope he did and for the better.

The football has just started and I've made a pledge to myself to find an alternative positive activity to do each time a match is on at least until the knock out stages. Otherwise I'll wile away a whole lot of time watching a sport I've no real interest and feel pangs of guilt afterwards. The alternative activity is memory techniques. By the finals I plan to have developed a technique for remembering numbers. Who knows may be I can memorise the score of every match including the final.

Dale Carnegie would be proud or at least impressed. Guess he's shouting for the Yanks today too.

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