Thursday, 24 June 2010

No.332 Of Deep Thinking in Off the Deep End

Until today I've never quite worked out why I go swimming every morning - or at least most mornings. For it is early, cold and very wet every time. Moreover, I'm not a great swimmer and have never really enjoyed it and don't expect that I ever really will.

I realise now that I go swimming because I can and the pool, like Everest, is there. By "there" I mean just a mile from where I live and on my way to work anyway.

When in London going to work on the Tube in my suit at 7a.m. each morning I used to crave the chance of just jumping into a gorgeous swimming pool and having even just 20 minutes to myself that I wasn't going to have to rush. The reverie would be topped by my leaving feeling completely rejuvenated before stepping back into the rat race and heading for court.

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