Sunday, 20 June 2010

No.328 Of Working with Wind & Bags of Air

I'm off sailing today on Lough Neagh. My friend has a catamaran and he needs a Crew. I last sailed when at school on Pitsford Reservoir near Northampton. We used to take out Mirrors and GP14s. I could never quite work out how it was that the wind would be coming at you and we still managed to travel in more or less the same direction. But it didn't seem to matter because my Crew Karl Austin and I always seemed to win most races.

The boats would take an hour to rig up about as long to get down and away leaving a window of little more than 30 minutes for a bit of fun in between. It was always freezing cold too. In those days only serious racers had wet suites. You may wonder why I ever bothered. It was all about avoiding rugby. For at 15 we finally had a choice : sailing or rugby. In other words, did you want to spend two hours every Wednesday afternoon wet and freezing cold or getting mashed up on a rugby pitch moving a leather bag of air about a field. For me it was a no brainer before they had even invented the phrase.

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