Monday, 1 March 2010

No.249 Of Peru n Pea Soup

I tried the first of the Veggie dishes last night. Asparagus, single cream, pasta, olive oil, rocket leaves and parmasan cheese. Emm. 5 out of 10 methinks. It had recommended local asparagus because they don't travel well. Mine were from Peru. May be it was this.. what blew it....

Still on a veggie theme it was like pea soup when I got up this morning and looked out the window and still is as I type this some two hours later. Remarkably there are people driving around with no lights on at all expecting you to see them coming the other way with just a few metres' notice. Most of the culprits seem to be driving silver/grey cars which offer absolutely no hope of being seen in the mist. Golly they annoy me. Oh to be a traffic cop if only for a day. I'd get to be on tele and bark at people for 12 hours and get paid for it...

Meantime, off to prep for some meetings and who knows pea soup for lunch?

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