Thursday, 11 March 2010

No.257 Of Forecasting the Inevitable

It's another beaut of a day here today with another three to come according to the forecasters and right now I want to believe they're always right.

The river behind my house is sparkling as it goes by. It's very inviting too at least in terms of putting a boat on it and paddling down to Lough Neagh rather than diving in for a swim. Last year I had a boat but my nephew and I sank in it half way to our destination. Happily it was right outside the pub(Ellie May's) so we were able to enjoy a good couple of pints in our rubber suits as we waited for our taxi home. This year I think I may invest in a slightly more sturdy model; swap if you will an MG for a BMW. I might even invite said nephew to come launch it. Something tells me he wont step in it this time. No sense of adventure youngsters nowadays I find.

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