Sunday, 7 March 2010

No.253 Of Springing Between London Hotels

There was something a bit special about London this weekend. There were lots of people out in the parks with spring in their step and they bounced about as if rejoicing in the fact that they had survived another dark, long, cold winter and were out to celebrate.

My part in the celebration was to jog round Hyde Park on Friday morning. I'm not sure what it is about that park but I find it very disorientating and seem unable to get into it and round it without getting lost. A thirty minute job promptly became a forty minute one followed by a bad tempered speed walk back to the hotel for ten minutes.

Some of the hotels in London don't seem to have woken up to this thing called the Internet yet and just how easy it is for guests to shop and swap around. My first night was spent in a good hotel in Euston at a great rate. When they refused to offer the same for the following night I checked the Net and promptly checked out and went across the road to an equally good hotel and paid half what the first was wanting. The second hotel also threw in free broadband unless the first charging 10 pound a pop. No doubt they're Net friendly and use it intelligently and know potential customers do too.

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