Tuesday, 9 March 2010

No.256 Of Sending Out the Right Messages

Environmentally I'm not very militant. The environment is a pretty robust thing and over the years and the centuries has developed a tendency to adapt to the ways of human beings and respond accordingly. So I guess I'm pretty much from the school of treat your surroundings with gentle respect, recycle and reuse best you can and we'll not only get by but hand over an earth that is just as good to the next generation. That said there's something that is really annoying me just now and it's to do with the environment and how people are treating it.
Barely a stone's throw from the Legal-Island offices is a level crossing taking locals over the main line from Ballymoney to Belfast. The crossing is covered in all kinds of garbage. It's a terrible eye sore. It says to school kids as they walk to school that it's ok to tolerate mess in your neighbour. It's message to those visiting businesses in the area is not great either "You are about to enter an area of mess and untidiness in which organisations be they commercial or governmental aren't working well together and are unable to tackle even basic simple issues such as litter".

Yes we've complained. We've been onto the local council who tells us it's not their responsibility. NI railways tell us they're unlikely to do anything about this until it becomes a safety issue.

But hey lets look on the bright side. May be soon as we alight from the train in Antrim we wont be warned to be careful about the gap between the train and the platform for there wont be one. It will be full of rubbish...

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