Friday, 12 March 2010

No.258 Of Love & Neglect

I was almost let down by my best friend this morning. She started first time and we cruised comfortably at a steady 55mph in the direction of Lough Neagh as the sun rose and life was great.

After a brief separation involving the Antrim Pool Car Park for 30 minutes we continued to the Antrim Road Roundabout which is where I thought we were going to share an embarrassing moment. She coughed, cackled, choked and complained her way round the roundabout as I dropped steadily through the gears in case it mattered. We crawled up the road then came the level crossing. I remembered how much I had forgotten her over the winter and wondered whether she was planning a major moment of payback and revenge. I held my breath as I felt my body push in the car towards and over the lines. We made it.

Love, fear, relief all in the first hour of my morning....

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