Thursday, 25 March 2010

No.266 Of The BMW is Dead. Long Live the BMW

I did the dirty yesterday. Something I'm feeling really bad about this morning. I traded in my present BMW for a new one. In the shake of a hand I gave up the car that had looked after me and started faithfully every time of asking for the past 6 years. The one that had given me classic journeys from North to South Wales with the hood down in glorious summer sunshine. The car that had followed faithfully the winding roads of the East Devon Coast, the Innishowen 100 and the Atlantic Drive in Donegal like she knew the road already and was happy for me to leave the hard work to her.

This is the car I will be swapping on Monday. I'll feel like I'm calling round to pick up a new puppy but taking an old dog to be put to sleep. The garage says they'll need the paperwork and both sets of keys. I plan to take with me anything that reminds me of the car together with a bunch of tissues. Oh boo hoo I wonder if I can ask someone else to do the dirty deed? My PA would look great in a Z4.

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