Wednesday, 3 March 2010

No.251 Of Beating the Scrums & The Early Birds

I went for dinner last night at Mal Maison before heading to Ross's art gallery. Outside were upwards of 100 school girls all with their mobile phone cameras at the ready waiting it would seem for a VIP or even a group of them. I felt old, for the last time I had done such a thing was almost thirty years ago waiting for Iron Maiden to show up at a hotel in Warsaw. As I fought my way through the scrum at the front door the doorman apologised for the inconvenience and explained that JLS was expected. I felt a bit younger. I'd actually heard of them.

There was another scrum this morning. This time it was the turn of the early birds. The pool was packed by 7.15a.m. and as the doors opened to the changing room there was a mad rush to strip off and get first choice of a place in the pool. Many are now not only turning up with their gear already on but with their swimming goggles on their head ready for action. This is worrying for I am very competitive at least for the small things in life that don't matter - or at least shouldn't. But how to respond short of driving to the pool in my dressing gown and slippers?

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