Friday, 21 August 2009

No.135 Of White Lines and Wonky Work Men

Today the men came to do the whitelines in the car park. This was a very nostalgic moment for me for painting white lines on roads was my first well paid job as a teenager. £2.50/hr if I remember rightly. I was 18 at the time had never been so rich and driving my mum's Fiat 126 I thought I was the dogs b****ks.

Painting lines on roads is fun for the first 10 minutes. Thereafter it loses its appeal and as you burn round corners streaming white or yellow lines behind you you begin to dream of other professions to be in or at least other places.

One such place I remember visiting whilst On the Lines was a pub as we waited for the car park to clear once closing time had come and gone. One drink led to another and we ambled out with far too much confidence than was good for us to start and finsih the job. The wonky white lines all over that pub car park somewhere near Bishop's Stortford apparently are something of a cause celebre. I must go and see if they're still there one day.

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