Friday, 14 August 2009

No.131 Of Being Left Alone to Your Flu

Ehhh I have a temperature. I have a runny nose and its pouring with rain outside.

Things that annoy me - and they are many of these when feeling run down. They include people who use the expression "I'll take a rain check on that one". People who log into Twitter first thing and say "Good Morning Everyone". What's the point? People who phone you in the car on a hands free because they think it's good time management to do two things at once when you, on the other end, can only hear the occasional word, loads of crackling and know the business call will get no further than arranging a date to meet face-to-face when they will have to call you back anyway because they can't check their diary when driving.

On a more upbeat note I discovered last night. I'm impressed by this but I'm also a little scarred by it too. You investigate its potential and keep expressing involuntary profanities so astonishing is its capability & reach. I'm scared because tools like this are going to completely revolutionise the way we do marketing and much as though I'm fascinated by all this digital media stuff just occasionally I wish, like the flu, it would leave me alone to get on with my life. Oh the drama....time for another lemsip.

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