Monday, 3 August 2009

No121 Of Mildrew & Marmite

I swam 30 lengths this morning. Yes you read it right 30 lengths. Three at speed as well racing a bloke in the lane next to me. I don't think he realised I was racing him which may be why I won by half a length. Oddly he's the spitting image of Victor Mildrew. I wonder if when the dreaded log made it's terrible appearance last week he declared "I don't believe it!"

I seem to have developed a craving for marmite sandwiches at the moment. Not any type of marmite sandwiches but Barry specials which are just the business. Try this. White bread not brown (that's the first naughty bit) covered by a thick film of organic slightly salted butter (that's the next naughty bit) topped by a very thin but equally spread smear of marmite. Crusts off either end and its yours to savour! Ah delightful! Better than any pleasure known to man...

Nephew arrives today for a week which means a week of work interspersed with canoe expeditions, trips to Dublin and Donegal and a few pints too. A few pints with my nephew. Wow that will make me feel old. It seems like only yesterday I was picking him up from the creche.

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