Saturday, 8 August 2009

No.125 Of Happy Families & Hard Times

Wow! What a great night last night turned out to be. I joined friends near Doagh and picnicked on top of a hill with a gorgeous view of the countryside as far it goes before stopping at Newtwownabbey/Belfast. Their 3 year old son was huge fun and there's no dog more cuddly than their black lab Elsa (particularly when she's on the hoke for some of your cheese sandwich).

Later we adjourned to their front garden and quaffed a bottle of red while we talked about anything and nothing into the small hours. There's something about great company from lovely people that you so get on which just makes an evening so relaxing.

I jumped into the MG and made my way home under the stars and a full moon thinking life is pretty good just now and I woke to find the feeling still hadn't worn off this morning.

Life is also pretty hard at the moment too for many. There's a guy who has been working on my friend's house extension. He's been clearing bolders for the builder and other stuff to take to the tip (a distance of at least 3 miles). He's made five trips already and has charged just £45.

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