Friday, 21 August 2009

No.135 Of Say Who You Are Saturday

Well. It was Follow Friday in the world of Twitterdom yesterday. I wonder if I could invent my own type of day for the blogging world : Say Who you are Saturday. This is the day when all those following others on blogs that may not be known to them reveal themselves and say a little bit about who they are. You see I have 12 followers just now (note no biblical analogies called into play here). Come to think of it, if Jesus was on Twitter how many Followers would he have? Only 8 of those following are at all known to me. The four others are complete strangers as far as I am aware. Now don't get me wrong all are welcome. Stats online are what life is all about nowadays to many it seems but I am curious about my unknown guests. The four are (with my best guesses along side) :

* Rob Bryce - clean bowled no idea
* D@ve - no idea but looks a little bit like a Solicitor friend of mine in the NorthWest
* Diane Court - Court the married name of Diane Burrows someone I used to play kiss chase with in the playground aged 8?
* David McCavery - don't know except when taking my car into Antrim Motors last month I noticed a certificate on the wall of Mechanical Competence in favour of David McCavery...

Oh the mystery of it all. It really is Professor Plum in the Library with the Candlestick kinda stuff...

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  1. I don't tell all straight away I'm not that forward however you may find out more via .

    I suppose I'm just another disciple :-)