Sunday, 2 August 2009

No.120 Of Kieran & Mikes

I went to see Kieran Goss last night. The fact that I am typing this listening to one of his CDs must tell you that I enjoyed his concert.

He's a funny looking bloke,. He can't be much more than 5ft but packs a great voice at that and is a master entertainer. He really knows how to work a crowd and keep them entertained. You might say he's the stage anti-thesis of Van Morrison because he gives you the impression that he's really grateful you came to see him.

He was on stage with two other musicians. One played the double bass. The other was a backing singer. She seemed to do nothing except sip tea on stage and occasionally put her mouth to the microphone but to little effect. Most in my party were querying whether her mike was on at all. I may be old fashioned but if you're good enough to be on stage you're good enough to give whatever you're up there for plenty of wellie. She was only a wee figure but then so was Janis Joplin and so is Shirley Bassey and Christine Collister but you always knew when their mikes were on.

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