Monday, 17 August 2009

No.132 Of Loos Records and Pogo Sticks

I keep picking up War and Peace only to put it down again. I'm determined to read this thing but I'm frightened to start. Once I do I've promised myself I have to see it through to the bitter end and that could be a whole year of my life accounted for. May be I just need to work out how I can save 5 minutes everyday by time managing better and devote the extra to the book. Or should I just do what everyone else does and read whilst on the loo? Such a disrespectful thing to do that I've always felt.

I caught the plasterer today hoping around on his spring loaded stilts doing the ceiling of our new training room. It looked loads of fun but he seemed bored like he'd been doing it for far too long. It remind me of a pogo stick I once had. I could hop on it non-stop for 2 hours. That must have been a world record I always thought or at least a Devon County one. County records are always easy to have in a place like Devon where there are few people anyway and fewer still pogo sticks.

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