Wednesday, 19 August 2009

No.133 Of Dingins & Driving Rain

"Dya wanna Dingin" the farmer demanded to know late last night through the window of my car. I wasn't quite sure what the word "Dingin" meant but I was fairly sure that the answer was No. "Whar are yee for" he asked. "I'm for An'rim" I replied. "Well you'd better get ya car back up this lane before these cows get the better of ya car". I duly obliged and watched the best part of 200 hundred cows file past in the pitch black and the pouring rain. A friend (a farmer's daughter) told me afterwards that it's illegal to move cows at night. Had I had known this I wouldn't have pointed it out to my friend for he was bigger me and why risk to dingins in one night?

I had been returning from Doagh and some dog walking duties which had been performed in the driving rain. This morning I woke to driving rain and drove to work through driving rain. As I type I spy driving rain through my office window. I never used to notice the weather much before I moved to NI now it's all I can do not to be obsessed by it.

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