Wednesday, 5 August 2009

No122 Of Sinking Pints and Sinking Ships

Yesterday "Youngen" and I set off in the inflatable Kyak from Templepatrick to canoe the 5 miles or so into Lough Neagh. Within half a mile the boat was taking in water badly. The fishermen eitherside of the bank must have thought they were witnessing two men floating by in a paddling pool. Within a mile I had given the order to abandon ship as we sank fortuitously right by Ellie Mays public house establishment where we drank guiness in our rubber gear as we waited for a neighbour to take back home what was left of the expedition.

By 9p.m. last night we were sitting in Templebar Dublin eating & drinking. If there was a recession on you would never know because the restaurants were packed. The food in the burger bar we went to was plain and tasteless. The service was exceptional however. Both waitresses gave a great warmn welcome loads of smiles and eye contact and a bit of patter to finish. I wanted to leave a heavy tip (which I did) in accordance with my tipping policy (tip heavily when the service is exceptional don't when it's not - see earlier blog) whilst youngen wanted to leave his phone number (which he did not).

Networking today with 6 meetings in as many hours.

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