Sunday, 27 September 2009

No.151 Of Rosina & Snowy

The early birds are getting earlier. I was in the pool by 7.30a.m. today and it was packed. I must set the alarm for 6.30a.m. in future. Beaten to the poolside twenty times over at the start of the week is not a good start to the week say I.

Last Thursday a friend (Kd) & I saw a lovely picture in the local charity shop whilst out cycling late in the evening. It was by Rosina Wachmeister, who it turns out Googles impressively.

I said the picture would look great on my lounge wall and declared an intention to buy it the following lunchtime. Anyway by 12.30p.m. the following day I was staring at a blank wall through the window where the picture used to hang. Knowing Kd's sense of humour I suspected she'd already gone in and nabbed it. So I went in and inquired about the picture and its purchaser "Oh a lovely gentlemen who gave me twice the asking price bought it" I was assured by the attendant. Something didn't feel quite right. For some reason the episode reminded me of one of Tintin's adventure - "Red Rackham's Treasure" (or it may have been "The Crab with the Golden Claws") when he goes into a shop and asks about an antique model sailing boat which is gone when he comes back for it the following day. The surly description of the man given to Tintin who bought the ship tells you that there's trouble ahead that might even require the intervention of Snowy the dog.

Anyway later that evening when I called round to Kd's to see Kd's very own Snowy there was the picture hanging on the wall and Kd sporting a grin just as wide. The games people play....

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