Thursday, 10 September 2009

No.139 Of Brown & Blackberries

Yes! Started today with a bowl of porridge with fruit (courtesy of Legal-Island's very own "wild" blackberry bush) followed by 20 lengths of the Antrim pool. Question is will I be flagging by lunchtime and think by then that such activity so soon after a lazy holiday was actually a very silly thing to do?

Derren Brown you are a Master Self-Marketeer. I've no idea how you did what you did last night but everyone is talking about it. Its hot in Twitter, on the web and the radio. As I drove to the pool Cool FM was talking about it. When I drove back half an hour later they were talking about it. My guess is that there's a technical explanation here - perhaps numbers on the balls can be changed remotely.

There's loads happening this month at Legal-Island. Twitter seminars, the opening of new facilities here, an Education Law Conference - the first of it's kind and an MG this Saturday if I can find out where by then. Onwards in fourth gear with the override button on.

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