Friday, 18 September 2009

No.144 Of Good Service & Iron Will

Wow! The service at Antrim's HomeBase is good. I went in last night looking for a loo seat and a grass strimmer (an odd combination granted). The first assistant approached me and offered help. She talked me through the various loo seats available - the pros and cons of each and how they are fitted. When I asked her what she knew about strimmers she conceded it was time to pass me on to a colleague and led me downstairs and introduced me to assistant No.2 who was equally as helpful. Antrim Homebase I salute you!

I'm testing myself today to see how disciplined I am. I'm in my office all day. Behind me are a crew of about five workers all beavering away trying to finish the training suite for Monday. My challenge is not to lapse into temptation and pick up a paint brush to help out. Instead I must apply myself to office work which though not urgent is important and needs to be done soon. If not Iron discipline then at least light sheet metal. Was it Angela Rippon the newsreader who was once called Iron Ange when her ear ring fell off while reading the news and she resisted the temptation to pick it up. She said afterwards "what was I expected to do tell everyone to wait while I grovelled around on the floor looking for my jewelery. I don't think so."

Time to pracitce discipline, stop blogging and get on with some work.

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