Friday, 11 September 2009

No.140 Of Life's a Lottery

All this talk about the lottery and Derren Brown prompted me earlier today to think about lotteries, gambling and the fact that when I was about 8 I was given a pile of Premium Bond Numbers as a birthday present. Knowing that I've moved around so much since I was 8 (in fact 26 times to be exact) I thought there was a good chance that I may have won a load and have never known and there's a pile off wonga waiting for me to collect. Alas a search on their site where you can find out if this is the case by entering your numbers informs me otherwise. That's 36 x 12 x 100 and at least 42,3oo draws I have been in without winning a penny! Clearly the luck of the Irish is not rubbing off on me and I need to watch Mr Brown this eveing to see what I can learn.

It's a glorious day outside with a forecast of 2 more to come. All well made plans are being abandoned on behalf of a trip to Donegal this weekend in the MG...

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