Saturday, 26 September 2009

No.149 Of TV and Whats PC

I attended the Belfast artist festival last night. I'm loathe to say I didn't enjoy the Zimbabwe band playing at the John Hewitt because every time you say this about an ethnic band you feel you'll be branded a racist. But I thought they were monotonous and a steal drum sounds great for the first two numbers but after that I want a bit my variety and a whole lot more boogey please.

I'm contemplating giving up TV for a year. This would involve loaning my big screen to someone and putting the other 3 portables that I have somehow accumulated over the years beyond reach in the attic. Such a sacrifice would mean giving up The Apprentice, the chance of a Susan Boyle moment, Gareth Malone and Paxman on Newsnight. Emmm a thought that needs more work methinks.

Oh heavens a text has just come in. Mother has finally learnt to text!

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