Tuesday, 8 September 2009

No.137 Tuning In and Out

I attended a half day seminar this morning in Belfast. It consisted of about 30 people representing about as many organisations all with a common interest : innovation.

I decided right at the start I would volunteer for every job going. If we were asked for questions I'd fire one in and possibly more. If they required a volunteer to facilitate a breakaway session and report back to a plenary group that would be me. I find it's the only way I can engage nowadays and be sure that I'll stay tuned in to these types of events. Is this a reflection on the quality of seminars nowadays or is the explanation more simple and personal than that I wonder? I fear the latter.

Presently I'm busy preparing a presentation for a company strategy update tomorrow. It's very hard to resist the temptation to play around with the knobs and whistles that come with Power Point 2007 thinking that it will significantly improve what I want to get over.

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