Wednesday, 23 September 2009

No.148 Of Inflated Prices & Inflected Voices

I was at the auctions again last night. It's a strange place but with some interesting characters - many of them traders looking for bargains and quick resales. I've decided I don't like traders they know what they're doing and they usually pump up the prices.

For some reason I always thought the job of an auctioneer was quite glamourous but as I watched two of them work last night taking it in turns to sell car after car I wondered if it is actually more monotonous than anything else. Between them the pair sounded like they were at a cattle auction throwing out the ever increasing figures in a fast monotonal drawl that would suddenly become inflected like the voice had just hit a farmer's stone wall and fallen over the otherside. Bizarre. I wondered whether they talked to each other in a similar fashion afterwards or got home and reported to their other halves that "YES (inflection) they had a good day at work and No (inflection) they hadn't made their bonus that month.

I bought a dozen chairs for the new training centre. And Yes I did outbid the traders and No they weren't as cheap as they should have been.

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