Tuesday, 29 September 2009

No 152 Of Twitterers & Hoodless Spoofers

Today started early for me at 5.30a.m. as I got suited and booted (and of course showered beforehand) in readiness for a breakfast seminar on Twitter to be delivered at 8a.m..

I fired into Belfast in the convertible an hour later from Antrim with the hood down in the hope that air blasting at me 60 miles an hour for 20 minutes would have me fully woken up and ready to go by 8a.m.. It worked and was much needed. It turned out that the Hotel Internet connection wasn't working, then there were problems with the laptop and an awful amount of spoofing on the hoof was to follow.

I'm not sure whether an ability to spoof on the hoof its a good quality or not - pity they don't give olympic medals out for it tho.

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