Saturday, 12 September 2009

No.141 Of Trusting Illusionists & Weather Forecasts

So Brown let us down last night and didn't afterall tell us how he predicted the numbers. Mr B I really admire what you do and your skill but I think there are trust and confidence issues kicking around here which you ignore at your peril.

I'm here looking incredulously at the weather forecast : three days of full sunshine - all of which I plan to make the very most of. Already on my itinary is three laps of Donegal, including twice round the Atlantic Drive and twice round the Innishowen 100 with stops for dips in the Atlantic. Throw in 20 Mr Whippy ice creams, 4 picnics, a day surfing and 30 prize winning sandcastles and I might just feel I've had a summer by Monday.

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