Thursday, 28 January 2010

No.230 Of Apps and Addie

I'm getting a digital makeover tomorrow or perhaps I should say that I'm just being "digitised". I'm getting an Iphone so I whenever I see shelves I can check they're up correctly with its spirit level App - oh and phone people too. I'm getting my jawbone bluetooth device working so I can call people in my car without fear of arrest or the person I'm speaking to asking me if I'm calling from the bottom of a well. I'm getting my MP3 player in operation so I can download a bit of Saturday night's Whispering Bob Harris show and play it loud in the Legal-Island gym at the crack of dawn in the week. I'm getting my multi purpose stop watch/ heart rate monitor in operation tomorrow too.

Saturday morning I shall wake up looking like Robocop but my, will I work!

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