Wednesday, 20 January 2010

No.224 Of Phising for Comments

Wow! Excitement! I logged into my blogging apparatus this morning to see someone had commented on my last posting. I clicked excitedly to see just who had thought some of my material was worthy of comment to find the following :

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I think I've been spammed or is the technical term phished?

Currently, I'm trying to find just the right CD with which to start off my day -preferably one with a feel good factor that really pumps me into life at 7a.m. each morning. For some reason I keep reverting to Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights. Hardly a feel good song I know about broken and impossible love but a great song nonetheless. In fact I'm not convinced there's been a better one since. Ohhh that may prompt a (preferably intelligible) comment....

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