Monday, 18 January 2010

No 221 A Short History of Packed Lunches

I'm all over the place this morning. I was looking forward to catching up on a load of work by taking the train to Dublin. Great I thought. Two hours of paperwork down there and two hours back. But no, events have dictated otherwise and I'm now having to drive. Instead I'm facing two hours of mind numbing driving there and the same back. Perhaps I shall take a different route this time to keep the mind fresh.

I fear I'm turning into the very type of person at school I used to seriously dislike. Those who during dinner time used to produce the perfectly packed packed lunch. It all fitted like it had been hand knitted (hey there's a rhyme) down to the boiled egg in the corner and the Taxi bar squeezed down into one side. Boy they used to annoy me.

This morning I prepped much the same for my train journey (now car drive) to Dublin thinking that this brunch would be much better for me than NI railway sandwiches and any other comfort junk I might indulge in to make the journey more tolerable. At least in the privacy of my own car I can eat away free from the glare of others yet to reconcile themselves with the glory that is a packed lunch...

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