Monday, 18 January 2010

No.220 It's a Question of Taste & Who to Believe

A medical expert on the TV this morning wants to ban butter on account of the damage it does to the heart. He says eat low fat spreads instead. They taste almost as good he claims. Our company nutritionist advises us to eat butter over low fat spreads for our blood cells don't understand the language of such artificially created products. I'm

I was first in the pool today. It was just as well. By the time I was getting out it was packed -no doubt with the early birders but also the remnants of those who took a New Year's Resolution to keep fit and are still sticking to it. My guess is that by the end of the month the early birders will have the pool pack to ourselves.

On the way out I stopped to read the new menu at the leisure centre cafe. Chips with everything. Butter I guess is, optional.

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  1. This new war against real butter by fake butter maker Unilever is a really stupid PR blunder.