Tuesday, 27 April 2010

No.295 Of Knobs and Whistles

I need a knobs and whistles day badly. By that I mean just a whole day devoted to working out all the technology around me that I rely on but from which I currently only get about 5% of its true potential.

I'll start with my Ipod and workout how to get podcasts onto it from the BBC World Service. Then I'll play around with its transmitter which will put any downloads through my car speakers. Then I'll take a look at my USB data transmitter which fits into the cigarette lighter and puts MP3 files through the car speakers too. Then I'll take a look at the new car itself and work out what all the buttons and dials in the cockpit do. Then there's the car manual itself which I'm hoping will lead me to where the dip stick is under the bonnet. I know. The dip stick but could I find it yesterday?

We've a Bank Holiday coming up this weekend. Why not rename it knobs and whistles day? I think I just have.

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