Friday, 23 April 2010

No.292 Of Every Now & Then

Every now and again something happens to you that you think about a lot and that you know you'll always remember such was its impact. Usually it happens when you're least expecting. It happened to me yesterday. Best of all it happended at a Legal-Island event and yes I'll admit I wasn't really expecting it.

Yesterday at the Legal-Island Belfast Telegraph Annual Human Resource Conference Judith Gillespie gave the opening address. Unassuming, understated but overwhelmingly effective she delivered a thundering presentation. She also delivered a masterclass in how to connect with people. If she tries to force any more personnel skills into that relatively small frame of hers (responding by name, eye contact, openness and approachability to name but a few) there's every danger that she may self combust. Astonishing.

Deputy Chief Constable Legal-Island salutes you.

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