Friday, 9 April 2010

No.275 Of Getting the Message

I had a call from HSBC Mastercard yesterday. It was one of these part human part machine calls where a human starts off by saying he has an automated message for you. The machine message then asks you to call them urgently. It's a really infuriating way to communicate with customers. I promised myself I would complain. I hit call back and got an automated message saying there was nothing to be concerned about and that there was no need for me to call again. I tried another number and eventually got through to someone who told me that they thought my credit card details had been stolen and that he'd need to ask me about recent transactions. He gave me the last 6 and I could understand little of what he was saying and not because the line was bad either. I suggested we just leave it. He suggested we didn't and cancel the card. I agreed and quickly finished the call in case he had another automated message for me with which to close the call.