Tuesday, 20 April 2010

No.291 Of Rules and Regulations

This volcano business is really getting on my nerves. Can't they drop a whole load of ready mixed concrete down its throat from an Airbus Beluga or something? I suppose not bearing in mind nothing is allowed to fly just now. Regulations hey?

Easyjet has effectively estopped me from claiming back my £200 for my cancelled flights to Geneva. They've done this by stipulating that I must transfer the booking to another date on the same route and change it within thirty days. The problem is the route finished for the season last Sunday and doesn't start until December again. They've also done this by playing piped music to me whenever I phone them (using incidentally a phone number I found in a chat room -there's no number given on their web site that I can see) to point out that their rules have ruled me out. I can stick 5 minutes of piped music but 15 both times is just excessive. Ho Hum

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