Thursday, 1 April 2010

No.269 Of The Railway Children & What it Means to Some

Easter. It's a funny time of year when some people are off and just as many are not. For me it means two days without phone calls and interruption and a whole load of work done.

I was buoyed by some wonderful news today. The film "The Railway Children" is to be re-released in improved technicolour. The Railway Children is one of the most quintessentially English of films set in Yorkshire about a fractured family which is finally re-united after the father released having been wrongly imprisoned. It features blistering performances from many actors and actresses, who young then, went on to enjoy great careers..

Several years ago I went to visit the railway station where they shot, among other scenes, the bit where the oldest daughter sees her Daddy returning home. He is gently revealed as the train's steam on the platform dissipates and she runs along the platform into his arms producing one of the most moving moments in British Cinematic history. When I visited said railway station it was full of Japanese tourists running along the platform falling into the arms of anyone who was crazy enough to volunteer to stand in a certain spot. Ho Hum progress hey?