Thursday, 15 April 2010

No.279 Of Kennedy Says its Time for the Nolans

I couldn't get to sleep last night thanks to an ear worm as the Germans call it - a tune in your ear you just can't seem to shake.

Last night's tune was "Kennedy Says" a song I came across whilst following the band Terry & Jerry years ago when first at university. Terry played the double base and Gerry the guitar and sang lead vocals. They played a type of skiffle music which was fun, furious and fabulously entertaining. I suppose I became a groupie of theirs for I followed them around with friends to many parts of the UK and even took up the guitar so I could play "Kennedy Says". If I remember rightly I got as far as the first line of the chorus but no farther for it had a bar chord in it which I could only ever hold down lying on the floor with the guitar stretching my fingers across what seemed like completely unrealistic distances in complete agony.

The reason why the song was in my head last night was because I ordered the best of their music from Amazon last week and I've been playing in my car since it arrived. I'm one of these people who plays a CD to death because I like it so much then I get completely fed up with it and remember it as an awful piece of music.

The song goes "Kennedy Says, Love thy neighbour. Kennedy says no bad behaviour. Kennedy says to reap you must labour. ..Kennedy Says."

Time to try some musical exorcism methinks before it's too late and play the Nolans when I'm on the way to the dentist this morning.

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