Thursday, 8 April 2010

No. 274 Of Tony Robbins and Dame Edna

I drove to work this morning in my Z4 sucking my thumb. You see I had cut my thumb and it was bleeding badly. There was blood all over my keys, on my shirt and hands. The strangest thing is that I've no idea how it happened. It just did.

My cousin used to suck her thumb a lot. We'd be travelling in the car for a family day out and Uncle Bryan would suddenly shout out at the top of his lungs "Thumbs"! and we'd all jump out our seats startled - all except except cousin Jen who carried on with her thumb in her mouth. She had an iron discipline and will our cousin Jen.

I'm currently reading Anthony Robbin's "Unlimited Power". He talks about ways to re-model behaviour and gives an example of how to stop biting your nails. In fact he addresses just about everything in the book and with authority too although he does make many brave assumptions.

Dame Edna also gave advice on how to stop biting your nails to the MP David Steele if I remember correctly. She said "David if you're biting your nails. It so easy to stop sweetie. All you have to do is dip your finders in your jobbies in the morning and you wont put them near your mouth all day darling". Top advice Dame Edna...

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