Monday, 19 April 2010

No.281 Of Weighty Wagers & Iconic Smiles

The number of friends who send me smiley icons either by SMS or Email seems to be increasingly by the week. I can't do smiley icons. I mean what the hell does a :) mean or a (: or for that matter a ;) ? When conversing electronically and I receive an icon back I just have to assume that I haven't offended them and I'll get a normal bit of communication at a later point.

In a moment of bravado last Friday night I bet a from of mine, Ricardo, that I could lose a stone in weight quicker than he could. We he asked me if I wanted to put £100 on it I heard myself saying Yes as we shook hands.

Against him winning is the fact that his a skinny urchin as it is and I can't see a stone to come off anywhere. In his favour is that I like my tucker and I have not been under 15 stone "(not to mention 14) since I was well 15 years of age at a guess.

I suppose if I were to beat him not only would I win £100 but I could send him a :) too!

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