Thursday, 28 May 2009

No.70 Of Beta Blockers and Missing Priests

So, it seems Legal-Island has been shortlisted for the Irish News Workplace Awards. I fear that we should not rejoice too hard at this stage for my guess is that everyone who made the deadline and got under the no-more-than four pages limit has been short listed.

Attending awards evenings when you're up for something is just the worse thing in the world - not looking forward to it at all. Perhaps I should pop a beta blocker on the night and Google "possible side effects of beta blockers when taken together with red wine" well in advance of the evening.

Had an interesting meeting with my performance coach this morning. He's got me thinking.

It's a beautiful evening with sunny days ahead forecast too. Am minded to go surfing on Sunday - waves permitting. I'm determined to stand up on the damn thing by the end of the summer - prefereably when the board is on a wave and not a sandbank either.

Planning to surprise a friend of mine with a visit weekend after next. He's a priest living in Liverpool but whether I can find him depends on just how good Google is nowadays.

I feel a dependency on Google developing in my life. How did we ever survive without it?

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