Sunday, 3 May 2009

No.49 London - it's serious...

Ah London finally somewhere you can order a peppermint tea without the waiter looking at you like you're a complete moron - bliss.

I flew in with Aer Lingus. Their headrests are great and can be shaped to fit round your head perfectly guaranteeing a power nap without minutes.

I saw Morrisey last night at The Waterfront having ventured into the Chinese next to it beforehand only to make a bolt for the door when we saw just how lousy the menu was. There was nothing on the Japanese menu vegetarian. The photos of the food made you feel like you were in Benidorm or the Canaries rather than Tokyo or Shanghi. Guess we should have guessed from the green astro turf type carpet that led us to the door. Ho hum! For their Dim Sum...

Morrisey. Wow! What a consumate performer. Had forgotten just how pleasing it can be listening to a guy sing "Girlfriend in a coma I's serious".

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