Friday, 15 May 2009

No 61 Of Zen, Zambia and Van the Man

Went for dinner last night with an old Derry mucker of mine to my favourite Belfast restaurant, Zen. I like Zen. Great food, great ambience and very good service. Aforementioned mucker, was born in Ireland but spent much of her childhood in Zambia. There's something about expat upbringings that make them into quite special people. They all seem very grounded, rich in experiences and very in touch with who they are. I left her company feeling I had a very miserable childhood indeed.

Hoofed it from Zen to a friend of mine who has just bought a new transit van for his business. He's more proud of this van than either his lovely house or BMW convertible that are recent additions to the family hardware. We sat in the cabin where he told me of its bluetooth facility, alarm reverse system and lots of other widgets and gadgets. Needless to say he soon found an excuse to take me for a spin and availed of many opportunities to be thoroughly abusive to taxis that were unloading in inconvenient locations and just about anyone else that wasn't fully obeying his understanding of the Highway Code. I put it to him that this new acquisition has had a positive impact on both his business and his sense of his own manhood which was vehemently denied. The van is not white by the way but silver.

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