Thursday, 14 May 2009

No.60 Letter to Malawi

Currently preparing for tomorrow's strategy day which promises to be a long day.

I've just started reading Letter to Daniel by Fergal Keene. This is the title of a book taken from a report he delivered on the radio programme "From our Own Correspondent" in 1996. It became the most requested report on the programme ever. If there's a more beautiful & powerful piece of journalism anywhere in the world I've yet to experience it. Mr Keene you made me cry.

Just about to hoof it over to see a friend before he shoots off to Malawi again this weekend with a letter I'm asking him to hand to a lady who looked after me when I was there. It's just occurred to me that I've been to Malawi and Moscow in the space of 6 months which makes me a lucky critta indeed.

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