Wednesday, 6 May 2009

No.52 Of the Bolshoi and Bendy Rivers

Wow! According to Google I had a record 19 unique visitors to this blog yesterday and that's without mention of the two words that send the stats counters rocketing "Sex" and "Porn". What will it be tomorrow I wonder?

Moscow is a superb city but impossible to navigate. Each street name is in the cyrilic alphabet (something I have yet to master). Unlike London or for that matter Londonderry the river doesn't split the city in half. Instead it bends, winds and swirls itself through so that in some parts of the city it's possible to be standing both North and South of the river at the same time! Work that out?! The main landmarks (the seven towers) all look spectacular but pretty much the same. What's Russian for "Can I have a satnav please?"

The seven towers incidentally were all built by Germans after the war and finished some six years later. That must have been some life for an awful lot of men. Five years at war, which you lose, and another 6 constructing buildings each of which are about as high as the Empire State without much gratitude shown to you during and after I'm sure.

Off to the Bolshoi later. Can't wait.

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